Full-stack Applications Developer





Title:              Full-stack Applications Developer
Location:      Stockholm
Reports to:   Manager of Software Development


Upright is seeking a full-time, full-stack application developer to help our customers administrators to be as efficiently as possible. The Application Developer will play a key role defining and implementing a robust software architecture combining. As part of a small, passionate team, your work here will be noticed, appreciated, tested, and deployed.  The Applications Developer must have initiative, drive, and a strong work ethic.

The position balances a fast-paced work environment with doing things meticulously and properly; working independently within highly collaborative integrated teams; creating new code with ensuring it doesn’t break the previous version.
The perfect candidate should love solving complex technical problems across all levels of software architecture, development, and debugging.

Our Tech Stack

  • .NET Framework, Windows, IIS
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, HTML, CSS
  • SQL

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, and maintain both new and existing code, ranging from client-side development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, to server-side code using C# and ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Windows services, and NET for data persistence and retrieval.
  • Write readable, extensible, testable code, while being mindful of performance
  • Create, maintain, and run unit tests for both new and existing code, with a goal of delivering defect-free and well-testedcode to
  • Work with management to create and adhere to schedules, while maintaining flexibility to adapt to shifting market demands.
  • Translate mockups and wireframes into functioning front-end
  • Write and maintain documentation for new and existing
  • Keep up-to-date on best practices and new
  • Rapid prototyping, and presenting conceptual design and working prototypes to
  • Conduct design and code reviews and collaborate to ensure your own code passes
  • Work with Product Management to analyze
  • Collaborate on technical architecture and
  • Version control with

Required Skills & Experience


  • Solid understanding of OOP design principles
  • Visual Studio 2017, SQL Server 2016
  • Remote debugging
  • Unit Testing


  • C#, NET MVC, Web API
  • JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX
  • HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design
  • Understanding of web technology stack, including HTTP, REST, cookies, caching, and asset loading


  • Windows & web services, WCF, MSMQ
  • C# and .NET Framework
  • Experience with scalable, performant design and architecture


  • Working knowledge of SQL and relational databases
  • Should be able to read and write basic SQL queries, stored procedures, views, and functions
  • NET & LINQ to SQL

För information angående tjänsten, kontakta:

Michael Johansson
E-post: michael.johansson@upright.se
Telefon: 0730-29 92 04